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Do you work at Tesco? If yes, this article is for you. The following piece of content is a complete guide to Tesco Payslipview. It is a web portal i.e. www.payslipview.com designed and developed for Tesco employees to view their payslips and P-60 online.

If you want to have the flexibility of managing your payroll information right from your smartphone, Tesco Payslipview offers you that. But if you are new to Tesco Payslipview and don’t know much about it, the following sections will help you get started.

Here we have covered almost everything you should know about making an account on Payslipview, the login process, including its benefits, and a brief overview to understand your Tesco Payslip.

What is Tesco Payslipview?

Tesco Payslipview is a self-service employee login portal at www.payslipview.com. It allows employees to access their payslips and P-60 online.

You can also manage other crucial HR operations such as bonuses, taxes, wages, attendance charts, employee benefits, holiday reports, and more.

Tesco Payslipview helps in increasing the efficiency of an employee and makes it effortless to view payroll and related information.  

Requirements For Tesco Payslipview

If you are trying to log in to your Tesco Payslipview account, you would require the following credentials:

Employee Number: It’s an 8-digit unique identification number issued to each employee by the job department. It’s also known as employee ID, and you can find it on your last payslip.

Tesco Activation Code: The Tesco activation code is of four digits which can be found at the bottom of the sign now payslips. Every month you’ve to request a new activation code that will allow you to log in to your Tesco employee account. 

Password: It probably doesn’t need any explanation. 

Check Tesco Payslip www.Payslipview.com

To check your Tesco payslip online, you simply have to log in to your employee account. And if you don’t know to proceed, follow the method given below: 

Tesco Payslipview Login

If you already have an account at Tesco Payslipview, you simply have to visit payslipview.com, enter your employee number, and click Continue.

You will be asked to provide the 4-digit Tesco activation code, your date of birth, and type in the captcha code on the following page.

Next, click on Continue and wait for the page to load. Then enter your password and hit the Login button. You will be redirected to your dashboard, from where you navigate to the different services available. 

payslipview tesco

Note: Make sure you don’t make any mistakes while typing the required credentials, or else you would get an error and won’t be able to log in.

Tesco Payslipview Registration Process

For the active working employees, those who want to apply for a new Tesco Payslipview account, follow the instructions given below:

  • First of all, open the official Tesco employee registration website by clicking here.
  • Click on “Activate my new account,” and you’ll be asked to enter your Employee number or Activation code.  
  • Provide the required input and click on Next. 
  • You will have to provide personal information such as your job position, name, date of birth, email address, etc.
  • Click on the “Continue” button and set up your password to complete the registration process. To keep your account secure, your password should be hard to guess for anyone else.

Keep it to a minimum of 8 characters in length and must include one lowercase letter and one capitalized letter. 

While trying to register for an employee account, you may come across “error -67.” Know that it only means you are trying to activate your account before the start date. 

Understanding your Tesco Payslip

So if you have got your Tesco payslip but aren’t sure how to make sense of it, we can help you understand those various terms.

Basic Hours: it indicates your weekly working hours or contracted hours.

Department: it basically shows in which particular Tesco department you are being employed. 

Employee Name: this is your full name, according to the documents.

Employee Number: this is a unique identification number which is of 8 digits and is issued by the HR department to each employee. Your employee ID is one of the most crucial numbers you will be required to use mostly in your professional environment and workplace. For example, if you’ve to register for Tesco Payslipview, you need your employee number for that. 

Hourly Rate: it means how much you are getting paid hourly based on a working contract between you and Tesco. 

Hours: it shows the number of hours you’ve worked based on your employee contract.

Job Code: an employee code based on your job profile/role.

National Insurance Number: it’s a 9 digits unique code that holds 3 letters and 6 numbers. This is your personal account number that keeps the record of your National Insurance contributions and the tax you pay. 

Occupation Code: this is your job role code that describes your work inside the Tesco organization. 

Tax Period: your current tax week details.

Tax Code: a personal number that determines the amount of tax an employee pays. 

Tax Reference: it’s an organization tax reference number. 

Payment Method: it shows your payment method such as Bacs, Cheque, NEFT, or other.

Date: Current tax weekend date.

Benefits of Tesco Payslipview Portal 

As we know, Tesco Payslipview is an employee self-service portal and acts as a medium between employees and Tesco.

It contains several features that make it easy and flexible for employees to access their work-related details and manage tasks crucial for improving HR operations. 

  • Tesco Payslipview allows you to view your payslips and P-60 online and also print them if required. It basically cuts the gap between you and the payroll department, specifically. 
  • You can update your employee information from anywhere, anytime.
  • It helps employees to enquire about various services and resolve their queries regarding the job role and tasks. 
  • If you have access to your personal Tesco Payslipview account, you don’t have to reach out to anyone to check your employee benefits and other bonuses offered by the organization.  
  • You can generate reports for the taxes and insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I getting an error while logging into the Tesco Payslipview account?

A. If you are trying to log in via computer, always open the homepage in the desktop version. There is an option for that on the login page. Since payslipview.com has a mobile-optimized interface, it sometimes causes issues when you load that page on a PC. Furthermore, if errors are consistent, make sure you are not connected to any VPN or private proxy. If the portal suspects unauthorized logins, it will prevent you from accessing your account. 

2. How to contact Tesco Payslipview customer support?

A. You can reach out to the helpdesk via phone numbers 01462652397 and (or ext: 7891 65397) or email payslipview@tesco.com. If you have any queries regarding payslips or P60s, it’s advisable to contact your Line Manager or email online.payslips@tesco.com.


We hope you got some value out of this detailed article on the Tesco Payslipview employee portal. If you have any doubts regarding the registration process or are confused about any step, feel free to put your questions in the comment box below. We will be more than happy to assist.